Metall detector – treasure hunting holiday

Metall detector – treasure hunting holiday



… for professionals and hobbiest, for fun or for find the luck. Visit us and try to find the treasure with the metall detector.

A lot of stuff is under the ground, people of every century lost something – try to detect and have chance to find YOUR treasure!

For everybody the treasure is different, maybe coins for one, maybe militaria for other, try it! Here is the place around from the Middle Ages up to today. Search on the fields, at the beach and in the forest.

You can rent the detector at us and we can make field trips and excursions with you – show and learn.



Coins Metall Detector Holiday Poland
Maschinegun MG42 Tripod Wehrmacht found MG 42

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..nach der Restauration  - viel Arbeit aber ein echtes Original!
..after Restauration – a lot of work but really Original!

TOUR June 2014

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